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Rapid Asbestos Detection alert

Device Instantly Reveals if Asbestos Is in Your Air

How differently things might have turned out for you if had you owned one of these 30 years ago when you worked as a blue-collar tradesman. Coming soon is a portable detector that warns you when you are only a breath away from exposure to airborne asbestos. The device is still in development, but the

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Clapper- movie set

Was Beloved Actor Exposed to Asbestos on Stage?

Mesothelioma cares not who it strikes. To this disease, entertainers and celebrities are the same as construction workers, mechanics and Navy veterans. Mesothelioma cares only that its victims inhaled or ingested asbestos at some point in their life. Ed Lauter was 74 when mesothelioma claimed him last October. He was a character actor in more

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Copper reach food

Stop Mesothelioma by Removing Copper from Blood

Imagine a doctor eyeing just-received lab results turning to his patient and saying, “You have mesothelioma. Take two of these pills and call me in the morning.” Preposterous? Maybe not. New research published last week in the journal Nature hints that treating mesothelioma and other cancers could someday involve little more than swallowing a few

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Study Says Vitamin C May Be Possible Cancer Treatment

Stopping mesothelioma may never be a matter as simple as eating a few extra oranges each day. Yet fresh research from the University of Kansas is renewing interest in vitamin C as a potential killer of cancer cells.   Authors of the study cautioned that further and deeper investigation must be conducted to develop an

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Mesothelioma, Melanoma May Go Hand-in-Hand

When veteran character actor James Rebhorn died in March, some initial media reports incorrectly attributed the movie and television supporting-player’s demise to mesothelioma. The erring publications eventually caught their mistake and began listing the right cause of death: melanoma. Earlier Diagnosis of Mesothelioma a Possibility According to the researchers, testing for mutated BAP1 protein in

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