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Calorie restriction

Eating Less Slows Breast Cancer; May Impact Mesothelioma

The old saying of “feed a fever, starve a cold” might someday be replaced by “feed a tummy less, starve a cancer more.” Researchers this week reported that cancer victims who cut roughly one-third of the calories from their meals might make it harder for the disease to spread to other organs. It’s not yet

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Research in laboratory.

Breast Cancer Drug Seems to Work on Mesothelioma, Too

Don’t feel it’s an insult to your manhood if your oncologist says he wants to treat your mesothelioma by putting you on the same drug some women take for breast cancer. That medication might turn out be your best shot at stopping mesothelioma from metastasizing. The drug is exemestane. Researchers from Italy’s Regina Elena National

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Cholesterol: Mesothelioma Hitchhiker’s Guide to Your Body

There is one thing scientists have always struggled to explain about mesothelioma cells. They want to know how these cancer cells on the lining of your lung could uproot and travel to distant parts of your body. Researchers at the University of Sydney in Australia now think they have an answer. Mesothelioma cells hop aboard

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Drug to Stop Drinking May Halt Mesothelioma

Alcoholics as far back as Prohibition have taken a Food and Drug Administration-approved medicine called Antabuse to help them stop drinking. Soon, mesothelioma victims may start taking it to help them stop dying. Researchers from Wayne State University School of Medicine, the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit, and other institutions report that Antabuse

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