Occupations That Expose You to Mesothelioma

industrial workers

Depending on what you do — or did —for a living can have a critical impact on the odds that you are diagnosed with mesothelioma — a very deadly cancer.
Most people who contract mesothelioma were exposed to asbestos on their job. They may have been in construction or a blue-color job that dealt with this deadly substance on a regular basis. And you may have unintentionally exposed your family.
Other people may have come in contact with asbestos while working in another type of environment — such as an office or school.
Often, knowing the type of work you did, and where you did it, can help in your diagnosis. For example, if you worked with known carcinogens — such as asbestos — it’s likely that’s what caused your exposure and subsequent illness.
Other settings, such as an office or school, may prove to be trickier. However, it’s well known that many older building contain asbestos that was not always encapsulated.

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