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Immune-Cell Experiment Shows Promise as Mesothelioma Treatment

Mesothelioma in its advanced stages often proves unresponsive to treatment. But researchers now believe they’ve hit on yet another way to attack the cancer late in the game. The new approach involves genetically modifying immune-system cells so that they seek out and destroy cells harboring the protein mesothelin. Cells that harbor the most mesothelin are

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Critics See Problems with EPP Surgery for Mesothelioma

Extrapleural pneumonectomy — EPP for short — is a surgery that can really knock the wind out of a mesothelioma patient’s sails. Because of that, critics of the procedure question whether EPP is even worth the trouble of undergoing. Indeed, recent studies suggest there is little or no benefit to be gained by it — and

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Fasting and mesothelioma

Scientists Say that Fasting Might Prevent Mesothelioma

Periodic fasting may help you avoid mesothelioma if you’re at risk for the cancer, according to new research from the University of Southern California (USC). The research also suggests that fasting for a few days before starting chemotherapy may make the treatment easier to endure. These findings — reported in the June 5 issue of the

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Doctor discussing health issues with patient

Molecular Test Predicts If Mesothelioma Treatment Will Work for You

Thoracic surgeons attending a recent annual meeting came away enthused about a molecular test that rates the chances of your mesothelioma tumor coming back after treatment. The test appears to have a good accuracy rate, according to validation studies. It tells whether a patient faces a low, intermediate or high risk of the tumor returning.

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