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Mesothelioma Is More Prominent in Women in Some Parts of U.S.

If you’re a man, you are far more likely than a woman to develop or have mesothelioma. But in certain locales around the U.S., the opposite is true. Why women in those places should be more prone than men to become mesothelioma patients is a mystery. But a recently awarded $10-million federal grant to mesothelioma

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Nano Technology

Nanoparticles Promise Better Mesothelioma Drug Delivery

First there was delivery of your Amazon orders by drone. Next, there’ll be drone delivery of your targeted mesothelioma therapies. Except instead of delivering to the doorstep of your home, these drones will deliver to the doorstep of the mesothelioma tumors inside you. Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston earlier this month demonstrated

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Gene Discovery May Offer Therapy to Slow Mesothelioma

Researchers at the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California, think they’ve stumbled onto a gene partnership that, when it fails, lets mesothelioma cells move throughout your body. Keeping this gene partnership intact could therefore be a way to slow or even stop the spread of mesothelioma, they say. The researchers’ findings were reported in a

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Anticancer Drugs

Mesothelioma Takes a Beating from Promising New Drug

Scientists associated with the Polaris Group report good news about the company’s experimental drug to treat mesothelioma — it does a fine job of screwing up the internal operations of mesothelioma cells. The drug is ADI-PEG 20. It appears to trigger destructive changes in the genetic expression of cells that suffer from a shortage of a

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Your Genes Can Make Your Mesothelioma Risk Higher

If you have mesothelioma it might be because your genes — the ones you inherited from mom and dad — make you particularly vulnerable to diseases caused by asbestos exposure. Researchers at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia have uncovered fresh evidence that mesothelioma susceptibility is passed down from one generation to the next. This may explain

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Vaccine Syringe

Mesothelioma Vaccine Made From Listeria Germ Passes Test

Fighting fire with fire is the idea behind a novel mesothelioma therapy derived from the sometimes fatal germ listeria. Usually, you run into listeria in the kitchen. If your food is contaminated by it, it can cause illness ranging from nausea and diarrhea to convulsions and even death. Unlike mesothelioma, though, listeria isn’t guaranteed to

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Radiation Therapy

Mesothelioma Not Stopped By Radiation Therapy

You’re unlikely to live longer by including radiation therapy in your fight against mesothelioma, a University Hospital Zurich study asserts. The study, presented at the European Society for Medical Oncology congress in Madrid, suggests that your best bets are mesothelioma surgery plus chemotherapy. Current ESMO president and the study’s lead author Rolf A. Stahel, M.D.,

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Panicking After Mesothelioma Diagnosis Leads to Bad Choices

One of the biggest mistakes you can make right after learning you’ve got mesothelioma is to allow yourself and your loved ones to panic. According to one mesothelioma expert, you’re apt to choose less-effective mesothelioma treatments and survival strategies if you decide these things while in the grip of fear. Mary Hesdorffer, M.S., N.P., executive

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Mesothelioma Immunotherapy Trial Accepting Enrollees

Georgia Regents University’s (GRU) Cancer Center in Augusta, Georgia, wants to hear from you if you have unresectable mesothelioma and would like to help test a new immunotherapy vaccine. The catch is that you must have previously received mesothelioma chemotherapy, but not more than twice. GRU recently announced it has opened a Phase 2 mesothelioma

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