Detterbeck, Frank C.

Detterbeck, Frank C

Frank C. Detterbeck is a board-certified general surgeon who specializes in the treatment of lung cancers, including mesothelioma.

  • Serves as cancer center’s associate director.
  • Clinical interests revolve around thoracic oncology; advocates evidence-based care, minimally invasive procedures, and multidisciplinary teamwork.
  • Research focuses on cancer biology, imaging techniques, prognostic markers and multimodality forms of treatment.
  • Authored more than 150 book chapters and peer-reviewed papers.
  • Teaches at Yale University School of Medicine; holds post of school’s chief of Thoracic Surgery.
  • Fellow of American College of Surgeons and American College of Chest Physicians.
  • Holds leadership positions in many professional societies associated with thoracic surgery.
  • Frequently invited to lecture at institutions and international meetings.


  • M.D. degree from Northwestern University.