Kraut, Michael J.

Kraut, Michael J

Michael J. Kraut is a board-certified medical oncology and internal medicine physician extensively involved in both the research and clinical aspects of mesothelioma treatment.

  • Serves as medical director of the hospital’s Providence Cancer Institute and as director of its Thoracic Oncology Program.
  • Noted for the extensiveness of his knowledge about mesothelioma and commitment to quality, compassionate care.
  • Legacy of significant research.
  • Authored or co-authored a number of peer-reviewed journal articles detailing results of studies and clinical trials about various chemotherapy drug combinations and experimental molecular targeted agents.
  • Member of the American Association for Cancer Research, American Society of Clinical Oncology, Southwest Oncology Group, and American College of Physicians.


  • M.D. degree from Wayne State University School of Medicine.