Weiner, Louis M.

Weiner, Louis

Louis M. Weiner is board-certified in medical oncology and internal medicine. He is an internationally recognized specialist in the treatment of gastrointestinal cancers, including peritoneal mesothelioma.

  • Serves as director of the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center and is the Francis L. and Charlotte G. Gragnani Chair of the Department of Oncology.
  • Proponent of use of novel immunotherapy treatments.
  • Recognized for his laboratory and clinical research focusing on new therapeutic approaches that mobilize the patient’s immune system to fight cancer using monoclonal antibodies — laboratory-crafted proteins designed to recognize specific cancer cells.
  • Developed and clinically tested “bispecific” antibodies and related antibody-based proteins designed to bind to targeted cancer cells and stimulate immune-system cells to attack them.
  • Authored or co-authored more than 60 scientific peer reviewed clinical journal articles on antibody-based proteins


  • M.D. degree from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York.