Comprehensive Cancer Center at Rhode Island Hospital


“Best Hospitals” cancer-care score: 29.4/100

Founded: 1863

Beds: 672

Clinicians/researchers: 31





Research focus: 

Cellular and molecular pathways leading to carcinoma.


Clinic at-a-glance:

The principal teaching hospital of Brown University’s Warren Alpert Medical School, the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Rhode Island Hospital, brings together world-renowned physicians and top-notch specialists from two other medical centers in the region (Miriam and Newport hospitals) to form a multidisciplinary team with high-level knowledge and experience. The center uses advanced imaging equipment, including MRI, PET and PET/CT, to arrive at fast, accurate diagnoses. It employs state-of-the-art surgical technologies, among them tumor ablation, Gamma Knife and intensity modulated radiation therapy. The center operates a laboratory, funded by the National Institutes of Health Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence, to create, interpret and apply new knowledge based on original, collaborative, multidisciplinary laboratory studies. Researchers working at this lab have published more than 200 peer-reviewed articles and contributed to the publication of at least 25 book chapters, 150 abstracts and 210 scientific meeting presentations. Ongoing investigations zero in on protein expression profiles – the changes that occur when normal cells become cancerous. One of their goals is to find new markers for early detection and diagnosis).