Fletcher Allen, in alliance with the University of Vermont

Fletcher Allen

“Best Hospitals” cancer-care score: 32.0/100

Founded: 1974

Beds: 419

Clinicians/researchers: 120


  • (802) 656-4414
  • (802) 656-8788
  • fletcherallen.org
  • 89 Beaumont Ave., Burlington, VT 05405



Research focus: 

Cell cycle and growth control, cell survival and apoptosis, genome instability, signal transduction, tumor metastasis, and cancer immunology.


Clinic at-a-glance:

Vermont Cancer Center is operated by the University of Vermont with services provided through the academic Fletcher Allen Health Care system. This arrangement results in pieces of care being delivered on various floors across Fletcher Allen; however, the center is in the process of reorganizing care into multidisciplinary treatment clinics for specific cancers, to provide a single point of access and care for all cancer patients. Even so, care is already fully state-of-the art and has always been delivered compassionately, with the goal of maximizing quality of life for both patient and family. The center is committed to innovative cancer research, including basic science, translational studies and clinical trials. The institution can boast a number of claims to fame — one of them is pioneering a biopsy procedure that revolutionized the treatment of several forms of cancer. A centerpiece of its clinical research program is collaborative development of next-generation cancer therapeutics, including new modalities of treatment and chemopreventive measures.