Loyola University Medical Center – Cardinal Bernardin, Marjorie G. Weinberg Cancer Centers

Loyola University Medical Center

“Best Hospitals” cancer-care score: 54.1/100

Founded: 1969

Beds:  485

Clinicians/researchers: 535





Research focus: 

Cell and molecular physiology; microbiology and immunology; molecular pharmacology and therapeutics; public health science; clinical trials.


Clinic at-a-glance:

Loyola University Medical Center is a large teaching hospital just outside Chicago. It is home to the Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center, a busy facility that earns U.S. News and World Report’s highest grade for cancer survival rates. Mesothelioma patients are treated there and at another cancer center also operated by Loyola. Marjorie G. Weinberg Cancer Center is located at Gottlieb Memorial Hospital approximately three miles away. Together, Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center and Marjorie G. Weinberg Cancer Center provide mesothelioma patients with the full spectrum of cancer-care services in modern, clean and comfortable surroundings. These services are rendered by multidisciplinary teams that offer patients easy access to oncologists and an array of other specialists. The two centers each operate sophisticated academic research units. Each unit is responsible for developing and exploring its own new approaches for treating cancer. However, researchers at the two centers routinely collaborate on projects and studies. Clinical trials of the new treatment approaches they come up with are numerous and ongoing.